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Ad Block Override measures ad revenue loss due to ad blockers, and allows you to seamlessly deliver your ads to visitors using ad blockers.

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Ad blocking hurts web publishers.

Publishers will lose more than $40 billion dollars in ad revenue this year. Publishers need to rethink their ad delivery techniques to recapture lost revenue, without sacrificing a positive and delightful user experience.

Ad Block Override enables you to measure precisely how much ad revenue you are losing to ad blockers and provides a unique service that seamlessly restores ad delivery.

Estimate your losses

For a “typical” website that generates $25K / mo in ad revenue Ad Block Override can unlock more than $57,000 in annual advertising revenue. Try our calculator below to estimate how much money you can reclaim.





$ 57,142 Per Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I measure how much revenue I lose to ad blocking now?
Yes. Our service allows you to monitor and report on the prevalence of ad blocking on your website traffic.

Can I alert my visitors before overriding their ad blocker?
Yes. You can present messages to your users before overriding their ad blockers.

Will it work with my existing advertising networks?
Yes. Ad Block Override works with all of your current advertising demand sources.

Will I collect the same CPMs from my ad suppliers?
Yes, nothing changes.

Does it work with my current “direct sell” advertising?
Yes. Again, nothing changes.

Will the ads continue to be targeted?
Yes. One powerful feature of the service is that it can serve targeted ads to visitors even if they’re blocking 3rd party cookies!

Can I just override just some of the ads on the page?
Yes. It’s totally up to you which ads you want to serve. For example, you may choose to only override the ad blockers for the ads that generate the highest CPMs.

Will it impact my website’s performance?
In tests, pages render with about the same performance as if no ad blocker is installed on the browser. For visitors that are not using ad blockers there is zero impact.

How do I get started?
Install a simple tag that will allow you to monitor and report exactly how much money you’re losing to ad blockers now. It’s free, and there’s zero obligation.

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